Auto/Fiction is an international and interdisciplinary research journal dedicated  to autobiography, fiction and autofiction. It is the first journal of life writing studies published in Asia.The editors invite manuscript submissions dealing with any aspect of life writing. In addition to scholarly papers we invite contributions in the form of book reviews, calls for papers, announcements of conferences, etc.

ISSN: 2321-4309 (print)

ISSN:2321-8320 (online) 

Frequency: Biannual

Founding Editors: Isabelle Grell, Shashi Bhusan Nayak

Editor -in-Chief: Shashi Bhusan Nayak

Associate Editor: Karen FERREIRA-MEYERS

SEB Member: Anais Fusaro

Editorial coordinator:  A.K.Pradhan

Editorial Assistant:  Deepa Sehrawat

Editorial Board:

Philippe Lejeune
Philippe Gasparini
Philippe Vilain
Leigh Gilmore
Julia Watson
Nicola King
Paul Jay
Linda Anderson
Stephanie Michineau