Publishing Open Access with Auto/Fiction

At Auto/Fiction we offer authors, their institutions, and their funders choice in the route to publishing open access (OA) with us.

Why publish Open Access?

Publishing OA in Auto/Fiction guarantees:

Input from our expert editors and editorial boards

Rigorous peer review for every article

Rapid online publication

Immediate access to your article on publication, accessible by anyone, anywhere

High visibility and discoverability via Auto/Fiction Online

Global marketing and publicity, ensuring your article reaches the people you want it to

Retention of full copyright of your article

Guaranteed legacy preservation of your article

Discounts and waivers for authors in developing regions

Auto/Fiction Open Select

Do you want the whole world to read your research but can’t find an open access journal of your choice? You might want to publish via our Open Select program. You can choose to publish in Auto/Fiction and pay a charge to make your article freely available online upon publication via our Open Select program. Open Select ensures researchers can publish open access (OA) in Auto/Fiction  which publishes both OA content and content available via subscription. Open Select provides you with the option to make an article OA in Auto/Fiction. This option is made available once an article has been accepted, and usually requires the payment of an article publishing charge (APC).

What do you need to do to publish my article OA in Auto/Fiction ?

Once you have submitted your paper it will go through rigorous peer review as normal. If the journal accepts it, you’ll receive an email inviting you to select a publishing license. This will include the option to make your article open access. It usually requires the payment of an APC.

Online Publishing—Manuscript Handling Fee

Auto/Fiction Journal is a self-supporting establishment and does not receive funding from any institution/government. Recently the journal introduced open access publishing (Open Select) of some articles. The management of the open access articles is solely financed by the handling fees received from authors/contributors. The manuscript handling fees are required to meet operations expenses starting from internet services, web hosting to payment of salaries to its employees. The online publishing (of the open access articles) does not receive payment for subscription as the articles are freely accessible over the internet. Authors are required to pay a fair manuscript handling fee for the processing of their articles. However, there are no submission charges. Authors are required to make payment only after their manuscripts have been accepted for online publication. The publication fee is decided by the editorial committee of the journal on case to case basis. The committee may also grant waivers to some the authors, if they are eligible for a waiver.

Regarding article publishing charge and occasional special offers, please contact Editor, Auto/Fiction at: