Re-thinking Desire: Constructing the Male Self in Hanif Kureishi


Andreas Athanasiades

pages: 66-82
First published online: 09 November 2017
Version: 09 November 2017

The paper deals with the hypothesis that the complex connections that exist between imagination and lived experiences in Hanif Kureishi’s (re)constructions of the past in My Ear at His Heart, exemplified in representations of relationships with father figures, can provide interpretive insights into how and why events and characters were portrayed as they were, and into the processes of authorial self-fashioning. The merits and problems of the attribution of the various transformations of the author’s self, to his being able to “read” and “write” his own past through his father and his fatherland are examined, engaged as he is in an archaeology of male subjectivity.

Key words: Self, Masculine sexuality, Imagination, Identity, Postmemory, Desire.

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