Review of Narrative Imagination and Everyday Life


Supriya Prasant

pages: 124-127
First published online: 09 November 2017
Version: 09 November 2017

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Molly Andrews’ Narrative Imagination and Everyday Life explores the apparently eventless everyday life and probes deep into its makings. As a study in narrative psychology, it takes into its purview of study a number of fascinating aspects of psychology such as time-travelling, magic, ageing, education, political narratives and the role of imagination in all these phenomena. Introducing such multiple themes, Andrews explains her rationale—‘this book takes as its starting point that narrative and imagination are combined, not only in our most elevated thoughts about the world as it might be, but also in the very minute of our daily lives. Not only can we time travel, but we do it all the time. We must. We constantly move backwards and forwards in our mind’s eye, and it is this movement which is a key stimulus behind our development.’………………………………………….

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